Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ducks for Dogs: Join the Great British Duck Race!

We're all for the colour yellow around here, and last week I spent the afternoon in the company of my aunt's fabulous tufty ducklings. These rubber duckies probably won't waddle quite as delightfully as the real thing, but there will be many many more of them...

The Great British Duck Race organisers are hoping to release a quarter of a million yellow rubber duckies down the water at Molesey Lock, near Hampton Court Palace. The winner of the race is up for a £10,000 prize, and anyone can 'adopt' a duck for just £2, with proceeds going to charity.

The £2 donation goes to WaterAid, The Down's Syndrome Association and NSPCC but if you make a larger donation you can choose from a list of additional charities, including Dogs Trust!

The race is on Sunday 31st August, and don't worry - there's an environmental policy ensuring no duck remains in the water to affect wildlife and everything is fully recyclable.

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