Monday, 25 August 2008

Meet Dogs Trust's Dogs: Sadie

Last week you met Buster Boy; this week it's the turn of the lovely Sadie, the most adorable advertisement for adopting an older dog you could find.

Name: Sadie Sevenoaks

Breed: Collie-Cross

Colour: White and beige, although I prefer the term ‘golden’

Age: 15

Who's your favourite two-legged friend at Dogs Trust? My Mum, Hollie, we’ve been best friends ever since I was a pup! I’m very friendly with everyone here at the office as well of course.

Who's your favourite four-legged friend at Dogs Trust? I have so many dog friends it’s difficult to choose just one! I’m fond of Reuben and Poppy as we’ve been on holiday a few times. I’m also like Charlie, who I share an office with.

What's your favourite toy? I’m a little old for toys…does my bed count?

What's your favourite treat? Anything fishy, I especially love a sprinkle of tuna juice on my dinner.

What do you dream about? I dream about loads of things but I can never remember what I dreamt of by the time I wake up!

Where's the best place to take a walk? As I’m an old lady now I’m not too keen on walking long distances. My Mum bought me a dog buggy from America so that she can push me along the street when I get too tired.

What are you favourite activities? I like to model for Dogs Trust, you may have seen me on various posters and leaflets over the years! I also like to rub my nose on people’s legs, bark at water, and take long naps and going to my hydrotherapy sessions.

What's the one thing you can't stand? Having my coat brushed!

What do your humans like best about you? They always tell me I’m a beautiful looking dog. I always blush when they say this!

How did you meet your humans? My Mum picked me out of a litter of pups when I was 8 weeks old.

Check in next Monday for another doggy profile!

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