Monday, 29 September 2008

Dog photography exhibition hangs pictures from trees

Over the weekend, an exhibition dedicated to photographs of dogs and owners took the artwork back to the natural setting of its subject: the park.

More than 100 photographs of dogs with their owners were hung from trees on dog leads in Roath Mill Gardens, Cardiff.

"The park is a major part of my life and this exhibition has really come about because of the sense of community that dog walking brings," said Bettina Skovbroto, who over the course of the summer took the photographs after asking passing dog walkers to pose on the same bench.

Skovbroto borrowed the leads from Cardiff Dogs Home and joked that after an exhibition like that perhaps the answer to whether people and their dogs really do come to resemble each other might be discovered.

What a good idea which causes comment and attracts attention in such a positive way. I hope it leads other uses of the park to consider adopting a dog so that they too can become part of the park's dog walking community.

[via BBC News]

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