Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A welcome dog bite for student who won Lottery millions

It was perhaps the only nip from a dog that Ianthe Fullagar didn't mind receiving. Upon hearing her scream of delight at winning £7m in the Euromillions draw, Ianthe's dog, Brock, felt "unsettled" and bit her... right on the rear!

Despite a sore behind, Cumbrian student Ianthe was beaming brightly and is now splashing out on a holiday to Egypt and a Ford Ka; very sensible spending from an 18-year-old! Congratulations, Ianthe. I hope Brock is forgiven and gets a treat or two out of the winnings too.

[via BBC News]

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Anonymous said...

With the adrenalin, she probably didn't feel a thing. =)