Monday, 15 September 2008

Dogs Trust Statement: RSPCA pulls out of Crufts and Discover Dogs

The RSPCA has decided not to have its regular stall at Crufts or Discover Dogs because of the issues raised by the documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed. Here's Dogs Trust's official comment on proceedings:
Dogs Trust believes that the welfare of all dogs should be highlighted at Crufts and we have a long and successful history of celebrating and highlighting rescue dogs at the show. The recent BBC documentary raised some important issues about the breeding of pedigree dogs and Dogs Trust has passed on our recommendations to both Defra and The Kennel Club and we are liaising with them about future plans. We hope that the BBC programme has provided the impetus and muscle to bring about the necessary changes but we will be listening to our supporters and monitoring the situation very closely over the next six months.
Please feel free to add your comments below; they are all read by the relevant departments within Dogs Trust and the views of supporters do help to inform our future strategy.


The Writer said...

I think this is a good decision. I don't watch a great deal of TV but I was appalled at the bigotry displayed by some of the breeders interviewed. My heart bled for the dogs. How this isn't defined as cruelty - 'liking to inflict pain or suffering' I shall never know

Anonymous said...

Most appropriate decision by the RSPCA. They have their priorities in order.

All dog rescue groups and charities should follow suit.
It will be a good indication to dog rescue supporters as to the priorities of each organisation.
Those who prioritise money will attend Crufts and other KC events. Those who prioritise dogs will not.

There will be 'political' arguements offered by some dog rescues to 'justify' their continued attendance at Crufts and KC events.
Hype about 'working with the KC to make improvements' and arguements about keeping doors open to enable influence for the better - but it's too late for that. They should have used any influence many years ago instead of looking the other way and taking the KC's money.
Now, the best way to make a change is a clean sweep and new begining.

So those who really do care about dogs will disassociate themeselves with KC activities.

This will be a true litmus test for dog rescue groups and will demonstrate who is worthy of public support.
We, the public, will vote with our wallets.

Sslaxx said...

As I'm of the opinion the KC needs replacing with a truly dog-friendly organisation, anything that supports the KC will not get anything from me.