Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Dogs Trust withdraws from Crufts: Press release amendment

Please note that point four has been amended to read:

4. If people are considering buying a pedigree dog they need to understand the importance of determining and questioning its genetic heritage.

Hopefully this amendment will help to make it clear that Dogs Trust is not against breeders or the breeding of pedigree dogs; neither are we criticising dog owners who buy from breeders. Our staff are dog-mad and own pedigrees, and we often rehome pedigree dogs. Because we rehome them, canine carers are often heartbroken dealing with the fall-out of bad breeding practices and poor or nonexistent genetic screening. As a result, while it is imperative that we continue a dialogue with the Kennel Club, we have also reached the tipping point where a more obvious stand needs to be taken.

Please keep talking to us about your feelings on this subject.

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