Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Meet Dogs Trust: Alexandra Goldstein

I was hoping to hide behind this blog a little longer, but as it turns out I'll soon by sticking my head above the parapet at the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference anyway! For that reason, I shall venture forth...

Alexandra Goldstein

Location: Dogs Trust HQ, London

Job: Digital Marketing Officer

You what...? I work under the Head Geek, Jacqui Darlow, helping to promote Dogs Trust through web activities. I really get the social side of the web to play with, and have the advantage of interacting directly with a lot of supporters through this site (on which I write the entries), Facebook, Bebo, MySpace and, of course, DoggySnaps.

Best thing about my job: Being allowed to use Facebook at work! Also, my job's very flexible, so I've been known to work from home when I've got the lurgy, which is very helpful.

Pets: I am currently in a garden-free flat, but I do miss my late cats who lived out their long lives with my mum and dad.

Favourite websites: Thanks to my job and because I'm an avid blogger, I've become obsessed with pet blogs. Since many of them are US-based I've been getting really involved in the election discussion. Bark Obama, which brings together Pet Connection bloggers, Terrierman and more is brilliant - insightful, interesting and very animal-focussed.

What I'm reading now: I've just received a Sony Reader from my lovely fiance. I first used it to read and review an advance copy of Patricia Volonakis Davis' Harlot's Sauce, which I found very interesting because of my Greek background. Then I rattled through The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and got stuck into Henry James' creepy classic The Turn of the Screw, both of which are out of copyright so can be read online and on some devices for free through Project Gutenberg.

Weekend plans: I'm meeting up with my soon-to-be bridesmaids for lunch in preparation for December's big day, going to some London Design Festival events and hopefully getting to chill out and chat to my friend Kirsty, who's staying with me on a jaunt up from St. Leonard's.

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