Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Happy Dog Stories: Judith and Buffy (and Angel and Fred...)

Judith Statham is very proud of her extended family (and clearly quite a fan of Joss Whedon!). Here she shares her story about why she's never looked back after adopting Buffy:
"I adopted Humbug - now Buffy! - when I came to help out with the Dog Training Club from Fleetwood in Lancashire this time last year. I was not looking for a dog as I had two Jack Russells, Angel and Fred, and a rescue cat already! However, she simply stole my heart as she has one of those faces. She had four puppies while in your care and although one died the other three were thankfully also adopted on the same day as Buffy. The staff were fantastic on all three visits we made and fortunately Angel and Fred loved Buffy from day one, as if she had always been with us.

"She didn't know she was allowed in the house for the first hour or so and was very timid. It took a few hours before she realised that this was home. I have never had a single moment's worry or regret in adopting Buffy; she is simply a superstar. Her recall is perfect, she loves cuddling up on the sofa and if I didn't know better would say someone had trained her once. I have since insisted to everyone I know that rescue dogs are worth every minute of your time and attention.

"Buffy enjoys her walks in our local country park and adores the river on a warm day ! She loves other dogs, kids, cats - she is happy to accept anything or anyone that comes across her path. I love her to bits and will definitely bring her back to Dogs Trust Merseyside soon for a visit. Sh is looking really well as you can see from the photo, although we have to watch her weight as she does have a weakness for food of any kind.

"Thanks so much for bringing Buffy into your centre and letting me take her home!"
If you have a happy story about your rescue dogs (whether they came from Dogs Trust or not), please email me with a photo and your tale and it could appear here soon! If you're interested in adopting a dog, please visit our website for more information.

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