Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Meet Dogs Trust's Dogs: Charlie aka Chas

Whoops! Charlie has just barked at me to remind me that he should have had his day in the sun yesterday. My apologies, Charlie, now please take centre stage!

CHARLIE (also known as Chas and Chuchi Waller)

Breed: Terrier Crossbreed

Colour: Black and Tan

Age: 11

Who's your favourite two-legged friend at Dogs Trust? My friend Jo in Fundraising who used to be like a second Mum to me until she got her own 4 legged friend so now she is more like an Auntie. I go for lots of walks with her.

Who's your favourite four-legged friend at Dogs Trust? Buster Boy who lives with Jo. He used to come for sleep overs when she first adopted him and we became best friends even though he is very tall and gangly and sometimes steps on me when we are out running in the woods.

What's your favourite toy? I particularly like handbags and shoes and I have a matching pair of pink fluffy ones at the moment which I love.

What's your favourite treat? I have a shoe fetish so my biggest treat in life is when I'm allowed to nuzzle my head into a shoe. Luckily lots of staffmembers keep a spare pair under their desks or friends that know me well willingly kick off their shoe for me to enjoy. It’s the best fun ever.

What do you dream about? I cant stop dreaming about chasing squirrels but sadly I always wake up before I catch one. Its just not fair.

Where's the best place to take a walk? At lunchtimes I always go along the canal which is nice but at weekends I love to spend hours up Hampstead Heath which is full of squirrels just waiting to be chased.

What are you favourite activities? Besides chasing squirrels I also love watching horses and cows – they are so strange looking. I sometimes dance and I love having a mad five minutes with my soft toys just before home time. I have a long pink boot that Aunty Clare bought me which is a particular favourite at the moment.

What's the one thing you can't stand? I don’t like large un-neutered male dogs that always try and push me around in the park. I much prefer gentle dogs like the lovely Sadie I share an office with.

What do your humans like best about you? Most people think I have very soulful eyes and ask if I'm wearing eyeliner; what a silly idea – I'm completely natural.

How did you meet your humans? I was found running loose in traffic and some kind soul picked me up and took me to Dogs Trust where I met my future Mum. She inisisted on taking me home and within 24 hours we knew we would be good friends. So I never did get sent to Shoreham as planned I found my new home straight away and have never looked back.

Check in next Monday for another doggy profile!

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