Monday, 29 December 2008

Dogs Trust Review of the Year 2008

Time to look back over the year as it's unfolded on the Dogs Trust Blog. Remember any of these stories?

Things That Made Us Smile

Hubble, the 'Ugliest Dog in Britain' was anything but, and his cute little toothy grin made us smile right back. Check out the video of him getting ready for his star moment on GMTV.

The regular Happy Dog Stories we've been featuring, which never fail to warm the heart.

Seeing Dogs Trust cabs on the streets of London; how cute is Buster in the photo?

Things That Made Us Frown

The news that dogs are still banned from 75% of rental properties - we gave some tips on helping to beat the odds when house-hunting.

Pet rental companies - we can't believe anyone thinks this is a good idea, and welcome the international moves to ban it.

Things That Caused A Stir

Dogs Trust pulled out of Crufts, but it's very important to remember that we continue to work with the Kennel Club on improving the health of dogs through breed standard reviews and research.

Things That Made Us Gasp

A rabbit saved a family from a fire, taking the role usually assigned to the family dog!

And it was a bumper year for dogs saving kittens, from Angel the pitbull cross rescuing strays to Leo the Terrier pulling his feline family from a fire.

What's more, a human saved a dog, too - from a marauding five foot shark...

What were your favourite dog stories from the past year, whether on our blog or not?

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