Thursday, 15 January 2009

My dog does the funniest thing! Celebrating the cuter things in a dog's life...

I was a bit uninspired on the blogging front today, so I turned to the good people of Twitter for suggestions. @jenpot eventually struck gold with the idea of cute things your dog does when you're not paying them your full attention. Her pooch goes the eyelash-batting route of picking up the fetch ball and quietly dropping it at her feet - a subtle hint, in the dog world.

Jen also added:

I'm Riley's 'mum' btw and she has thousands. Absolute best is that she grumps when she's sleeping, especially if she stretches

Here's what some of our other Twitter friends had to say:

@OKHumane My dog Oliver wads an impossibly large piece of his blanket in his mouth and starts whistling as he falls asleep.

@warriorgrll @misterbenji crosses his front paws when he lies down. It looks very refined I must say!

[Ed's note: I love that Mister Benji has his own Twitter feed... and he's certainly not the only pet that does]

@DarrenKW The dog we had a few years ago (a retired gun dog) was completely silent, apart from barking in her sleep!

@sammcarthur he hates post so much he retrieves envelopes from the bin ages after postman been, hates postmen, knows their orange jackets!

@sallyhems - mine always used to 'answer' the door when a doorbell went on the TV, despite us never having a doorbell....?

I'm sure you all have loads of examples of your own to add, and that's what the comments are for! Thank you to all those who contributed.

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Lis of the North said...

Oh I missed this on Twitter. Our dog Cléo sometimes wags her tail in her sleep. Very cute.