Monday, 30 March 2009

Dog stolen from Dogs Trust Evesham: still seeking Saluki cross

As you might have read on the BBC or other news sites, thieves broke into Dogs Trust Evesham late at night on the 26th March, forced kennel locks and stole a dog. He has still not been found.

Alfie (pictured) is a nervous 4 year old Saluki cross and the centre staff are making an urgent appeal to the local community to report any sightings of him.

Chris Slight, centre manager, explains:

“The kennel doors were forced open last night and Alfie was taken. He is neutered, and we’re worried that once the thieves realise they cannot breed from him they will just abandon him or he may come to harm.

He is slim, black and tan and has short fur but longer hair on his ears. If you spot a dog matching this description please contact the centre or police.”

Any sightings should be reported to Dogs Trust Evesham on 01386 830 613 or Broadway police on 0845 7444888 ext 3777.


Teddy McDoodle said...

I saw this on doggysnaps and have passed this on to my mum who walks her dog in the area. She'll pass the word on to other dog walkers too to look out for Alfie. I hope he's found safe and well soon.

Dogs Trust said...

Thank you Teddy & family - your support is much appreciated.

Chris Norton said...

Jees, if someone wanted a dog that badly, it would have been far easier simply to pay the 75 quid and have him legally. I wish there was a stolen dog system on petlog so when hes scanned he goes back.

Anonymous said...

Has Alfie been found yet? Wishing him a safe and speedy return if not..
Concerned dog lover, Anna. x

Anonymous said...

I know it's 2010 but I just wish to know if Alfie has been found yet. I hope he has especially if he is a nervous dog. The people who took him I hope they are ashamed of themselves, it's not nice to have a dog stolen or any other pet stolen