Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Jo-Emma Larvin runs the Flora London Marathon for Dogs Trust!

Model Jo-Emma Larvin, also known as partner of boxing star Joe Calzaghe, has strapped on her trainers and chosen to donate the proceeds of her upcoming marathon run to Dogs Trust!

Here she is at one of our centres meeting one of the dogs the funds raised will be helping (more photos can be seen on the Dogs Trust Flickr stream):

You can visit Jo-Emma's fundraising page at JustGiving to lend your support and sponsorship. In the meantime, Jo-Emma will also be sending us the occasional blog post to mark her progress, so you can read about her efforts in her own words. Here's the first:

Well my training is certainly coming on. I've done up to a 16 mile run!! I can't believe I did it. In fact I can't believe I'm doing the marathon full stop! I've gone from only managing 2 miles in january to this, so I think I can pat myself on the back :-)

My legs feel do feel a bit like lead, but I do some stretching and I always eat straight away then I'm ok.

After meeting all the other runners when I did the half marathon at Silverstone and picking their brains for tips I've devised my own training plan. I'm doing a big run on the weekends and 2 little ones (6/7 miles) in the week.

I still take my lovely Sonny on loads of walks too. I actually think it's all the walking I've done with him over the 4 years I've had him that has given me a certain amount of stamina. Even days I don't feel like walking he looks at me with those eyes and I get going. Dogs are certainly great for fitness!!

I'm eating pretty much the same just adding more carbs to my meals. That part's easy for me as I love bread and potatoes etc I love eating big plates of mash and gravy.Yum! I keep getting the Lucozade sports drinks as well as I know thats what they give you at the marathon. I'm getting used to them now. Feel yuck today because had a late night and sooooo dont want to run today. I'm gonna have a gorgeous breakfast of 2 slices of brown toast, 1 with peanut butter, 1 with honey and banana mashed over both of em. Then I'll take Sonny for a walk and get ready for my run!
Good luck, Jo-Emma! Keep us posted.

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