Monday, 6 April 2009

Does your dog have the Rex Factor? Show us - it's easy!

From time to time you'll have heard me mentioning the Dogs Trust Honours, awards that celebrate man's best friend. This year we have a video category - Rex Factor - that invites your dogs to take centre stage, showing off their jazziest moves and cleverest tricks.

Some people have said that they're nervous about entering because they don't have any professional equipment, so we made the video below to prove that you don't need any of that!

For the record, we used:

1 x Dogs Trust Web Editor with supremely dodgy video editing skills
1 x assistant camera person who shall remain nameless (oops!)
1 x Canine Gang Dog
1 x Flip video camera (but any other video recording equipment is fine)
Windows Movie Maker editing software which came with our computers (anything will do as long as it can chop it down to size)

See? There's nothing to it! All you need is 40 seconds of your dog being clever*, a free YouTube account and a few more seconds to give us your details and the embed code. You can check out some of the existing entries on our special DoggySnaps kennel.

The deadline is on the 15th of April, so please show us your efforts now and put us to (even more) shame!

*Videos containing dangerous stunts or dressed up dogs will not be accepted.

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