Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Dogs Trust Retweet Challenge: Using Twitter to track a message and raise funds

The Dogs Trust Retweet Twitter Challenge aims to find out how far a tweet can travel in 72 hours by asking people to RT our simple message as well as raise funds for the thousands of dogs in our care.

When you make your donation place your username followed by the user name of the person you received the tweet from. e.g

@jacquidarlow RT from @dogstrust

Once you’ve completed the donation RT to your followers and don’t forget the #RTDT hashtag so we can follow the message around the Twittersphere.

The Tweet is

RT: If you donate to
http://bit.ly/2sVXfe tell us there your @name and whose RT you saw. Top ten RTer’s win prizes. #RTDT

JustGiving’s minimum donation is £2, but we’ve hidden donation amounts on the page as this is about tthe number of @name mentions and a group total, not individual amounts.

Once the ball gets properly rolling, we’ll keep a leader board of the Top Ten most successful Retweeters – that’s whose RTs bring people to the donation page rather than how many times they do it! - right here on our blog and have a prize in store for all ten! That’s why we need to know who you heard about the challenge from.

If you're on Twitter, we'd really appreciate it if you get tweeting with this message, and if you're able to add a small donation to the pot then that would be brilliant too.

Thanks to those who have already shown their support and to all those who are interested in doing so.

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