Friday, 19 June 2009

Introducing eWag: the eZine for dog lovers!

Regular supporters of Dogs Trust should be familiar with our three yearly issues of Wag! magazine, a supporter newsletter keeping you updated with where your pennies are going and the different types of dog welfare work we do.

The brains behind Wag! has taken the idea and brought it to life in a bright new eZine. eWag is a sister publication to Wag!, providing another shot of news between issues and packed with all those lovely web things you can't put into a paper magazine like videos and links.

Take the World's Cutest Video* below. These are puppies being given exercise, stimulation and a big helping of fun at our West London Rehoming Centre.

Head to eWag for more fun, cute, informative and offbeat doggy content. We're keen to hear what you think!

*In our opinion.

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