Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Forget The Apprentice: From Facebook to Dogs Trust Chief Executive...?

Move over Sir Alan's lot.. there's a new apprentice in town.

When Charlie Knight's mum left the following message on our Facebook page, it was too irresistable not to send it on to our Chief Executive, Clarissa Baldwin:

Her response was to insist on meeting her competition! Charlie and Clarissa met today at Dogs Trust London (Harefield) where he was shown around the kennels and told how the rehoming centre works. Supporter Relations Officer Charlotte Peters (who has run 10k and thrown herself out of an aeroplane for the charity before) interviewed them both as they were having a chat about the day-to-day life of a Chief Executive Officer.

I hope Charlie and his mum had a fantastic day, and here's to his wonderful love of dogs! I know Clarissa had a great time and really enjoyed meeting him.

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Lorna McAllister said...

Go for it, Charlie!