Monday, 7 December 2009

Personalised Dogs Trust mugs can brighten up Christmas for dogs and people!

Christmas present ideas are often a challenge, particularly in these difficult economic times. So why not revisit a classic idea - the mug - but make it more fun by personalising it? Better yet, you'll be helping the dogs in our care while you do it!

Although it's a mug with a Dogs Trust logo on one side, you don't have to have a picture of a dog on the other! Your cat, hamster, ferret, budgie, snake, goldfish etc are more than welcome to grace the dishwasher and microwave safe ceramic. It doesn't even have to be an animal at all....

Here are some of the ideas for photos you could add that we came up with in the office, though we're sure you can think of better ones:
  • Family and friends - a pic of the little 'uns for doting grandparents, perhaps?
  • Special occasions - weddings, christenings, parties etc
  • Surprise announcements - you can add a caption text to the mug. (Surely someone will go for a 'Will You Marry Me?' mug... ;))
  • A picture of yourself - so the whole office knows who the mug belongs to!
  • Your favourite holiday destination - so you can dream...
Or, a more serious suggestion that came up could be to add a photo of a pet that has been loved and lost as a lasting tribute.

Whatever you decide on, you have until Wednesday December 16th to get your orders in time for Christmas (although if that's not an issue you can continue placing orders after that). Just use this link to get started.

Each mug is just £7.50 including postage and packaging, and 25% will go straight towards the dogs in our care.

Last year we cared for over 16,000 dogs, and at any one time there are around 1,500 dogs in our centres across the UK. Your support matters, so thank you for following this blog. If you're not going for a mug, perhaps you can pass on this link to someone you think might be interested!

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