Friday, 7 May 2010

Newman's Own Foundation donates $10,000 to Dogs Trust

When film star Paul Newman set up his Newman's Own range of foodstuffs, he also created the Newman's Own Foundation and decreed that all profits and royalties would go to charitable causes. Since his death in 2008, the Foundation has continued this legacy. Since the 1980s Paul Newman and Newman's Own Foundation have donated over $295 million to good causes around the world, including over $7.5 million in the UK and Ireland since 1989.

Dogs Trust is delighted to have been chosen as a recipient for some of these funds, having been given a $10,000 (£6,800) donation from the Foundation!

Here are two members of our fundraising team, Matt and Kirsty, being given this wonderfully generous cheque. With our nationwide rehoming centres, education programmes and campaigns, this will be put to good use soon.

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