Monday, 12 July 2010

Meet Dogs Trust: Kate Walker

First week, first day and first job I’ve been given is to introduce myself on the World Wide Web as I start work with the Digital Marketing team.

Name: Kate Walker

Location: London HQ

Job: Digital Marketing Assistant, Maternity cover until Alex returns!

You what...? I’ve just joined the Digital Marketing team alongside Lo and Jacqui. I was previously doing an internship with DKH Legacy Trust (great times!) and have limited knowledge of all things digital marketing – so now I’ll be finding out all the hints and tips to become aproper digital geek!

Best thing about my job: Learning how to do loads of things I probably never even realised you could do on the web.

Pets: My dear old family Labrador, Ben, rest his doggy soul, passed away in March this year. He did it in style – left his ‘moment’ until he reached the beach and made a big scene. The parents are now taking their time to find a new dog – think this new role may come in handy…..

Favourite websites:
I like my football, so BBC Sport is a favourite. I also love finding out about new music and remixes on PrettyMuchAmazing (useful site to listen before you buy on, my preference, itunes). Now I live in London, I love TimeOut and have signed up to both newsletters, What’s On London and Travel, so I can enter every single competition to win a holiday. I have yet to win!! These days, I can’t live without my Twitter account @devongalkate – so useful with keeping up with news. I enjoy shouting out about random SkyNewsBreaks!

What I'm reading now: I used to work in a library (I am a geek in so many different ways) so I have a stack of books at home waiting to be opened. Recent great reads have included the tear-jerker‘ One Day’ by David Nicholls, the huge in size but hugely satisfying, ‘American Wife’ by Curtis Sittenfeld and an insight into the tough world of women in sports journalism, Lynne Truss’s very funny, ‘Get Her Off the Pitch!’

Weekend plans: It just so happens that it’s my birthday! So, I’m returning to the motherland to spend the weekend with family and friends. I’m looking forward to some fresh air, green fields and pubs with proper beer gardens.


Anonymous said...

Hi hope u had a great first day x your job sounds amazing I would love to work for a charity and utilise my degree in marketing x such a great charity too x enjoy love loren @smiler104

Anonymous said...

I really didn't enjoy One Day and I'm wary about reading another book by Curtis Sittenfeld after I slogged my way through Prep.

Have a look at my review of the Nicholls book and tell me what you think:


Alex said...

Welcome! Hope you enjoy every minute of it and learn lots.

Alex :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you're enjoying your new job in the wonderful world of internet marketing. I found you by searching for What's on in London of all things!

Hope it all works out for you!