Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Crouching Spaniel, Hidden Sphynx cat

Daniel the Spaniel is a popular member of the Dogs Trust HQ team, so his owner and Publications Manager, Deana decided he was due some more time in the limelight to show that dogs and cats really can be friends....

Here at Dogs Trust we’re pretty blasé about having dogs hang out with us in the office, but occasionally our collective pulse quickens when we welcome a feline visitor.

The jumper on the desk which quivered slightly when touched was the first clue that something unusual was happening in the Campaigns Department. On closer inspection, it turned out to be housing a completely hairless cat.

Meet Manky “bald as a coot” Meucci-Lyons, the sphinx cat belonging to Elvira, our Head of Campaigns.

Once I’d been brave enough to stroke the baldy wee fella, I decided it was time for Daniel, our office Spaniel and Wag mag editorial assistant, to meet his first cat. It went rather well, I thought…

“Sniff sniff hello old chap. What are you? Can I eat your food? I can? Too kind, old bean, too kind. You can come to my office again.”

Since they first met about an hour ago, Daniel has been camped outside the Campaigns Department with his nose firmly pushed to door. Is it the cat or the food we wonder? Hmmm.

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Shaz said...

aww fancy calling him Manky lol