Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Harry's Work Experience Experience

Hello, my name is Harry, I’m 15 and have been doing my Work experience at Dogs Trust Head Office.

This is my week so far….

Six O’clock, Monday morning, half asleep, I found myself trekking to St Albans City Station to begin my first ever commute. I didn’t think trains even ran this early, but soon enough I found myself leaving one at Farringdon station. After purchasing and quickly devouring a bacon sandwich, I climbed the tall staircase of the Dogs Trust headquarters in Angel, Central London which is to be my ‘workplace’ for the week.

I have been placed into the Digital Marketing Team, who are in charge of running all of Dogs Trust’s online presence.

On Monday and Tuesday, I had been making a video about what it’s like to work in the office. I interviewed two people who work here to gain an insight into life in the Dogs Trust office. My first task was to compile a list of questions about working in the office, and then I carried out the two interviews before taking some clips of the building then edited it all using Microsoft Movie Maker. The filming was all done using a handheld, Flip camera.

Wednesday - I had a tour of the building which has taught me how a company is run and also the number of people it take to keep the organisation going. I was invited to attend a meeting about the new website for the ICAWC conference which was very interesting. Both of these have given me a greater insight to the work that Dogs Trust does and how that work is done.

You can watch my video below..

I’m glad that I chose to do my work experience at Dogs Trust, the people are all nice and the atmosphere is good. I also genuinely feel as if I have accomplished something already, and it has also been more enjoyable than I was expecting it to be. I have definitely gained experience of a working environment which could very possibly prove invaluable in the future. And I’m only on my third day!


Anonymous said...

Well done Harry! I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Harry. A great start.

Suzi said...

Excellent Harry great to see someone who actually cares about their work placement

Anonymous said...

glad that you have chosen to do work experience at somewhere so important