Friday, 26 November 2010

Just in time for Christmas: book competition!

Oh, the Christmas season is upon us. While that traditionally means mince pies, mulled wine, festive music, and holiday cheer, it also means sales, raffles, prize draws, and competitions aplenty! It really is the most wonderful time of the year...

We have the pleasure of giving away two fantastic books to three lucky Dogs Trust supporters just in time for the holidays, Doggerel by Angela Patmore and Poppy's Puppies by Sophia Fergus. See below, a summary of each book and read closely to answer the questions and enter the competition:

Doggerel by Angela Patmore

Doggerel is being sold in aid of the Association of Dogs' and Cats' Homes, which embraces many of the UK's animal charities large and small.

In this book, you will find portraits and true stories of discarded dogs that were not afraid to love again. These wonderful characters, fifty out of over 100,000 dogs a year that are unwanted and abandoned by their owners in this dog-loving nation, have sad stories of abuse, neglect and dereliction to tell. Often rescue dogs have been thrown out by owners who could no longer afford them, or who found them inconvenient or naughty, or who simply could not be bothered with them any more. Many have just seven miserable days behind bars before they are put to permanent sleep by council-appointed agencies. Unwanted dogs are desperate. They yelp and whine and cry out for someone to love and save them. These lucky fifty have emerged triumphant and wagging, often against apparently insurmountable odds, to make their new owners very happy.

The rescue charities are at crisis point. They need kind people to come forward and give these dogs a chance. Rescuing a dog can change not only the dog's life but yours, if you are willing to give it a try. This book explains how. It also tells you everything you need to know about finding the right dog at a shelter near you, and getting him or her used to you and your home. There are lots of other books about dogs. This one is about the ultimately lucky ones that were in dire need of help and love, and who got both.
Poppy's Puppies by Sophia Fergus
In this book, you will find the stories of just a few of the puppies (dogs under 12 months) helped by Dogs Trust in the last few years, including Barney the Blue Peter dog; Harry the hearing assistance dog; Snowy the deaf puppy who had to learn sign language; and many more puppy tales to tug the heartstrings.

There's also lots of useful puppy information in this book: choosing your puppy; caring for it, including feeding and training your puppy. Also, for the folks that purchase it online or in-store, 50% of royalties go to Dogs Trust!

Doggerel and Poppy's Puppies are both available from Amazon, but three lucky Dogs Trust supporters can win a copy of BOTH books by answering the questions below:

  • What percentage of royalties will go to Dogs Trust from the sale of Poppy's Puppies?
  • Doggerel is being sold in aid of what organisation?

Please e-mail your answers to along with your name and address by 11.59pm on Sunday 28th November. Please note, only e-mailed responses will be accepted (answers left as a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or this blog are NOT valid). Good luck!

The winners will be chosen at random after 5pm on Monday 29th November. Please note that only UK residents can enter. Winners will be notified on Tuesday 30th November.


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