Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Duo delight at Darlington

Our Darlington centre has recently been seeing double as they have had a number of doggy duos in need of new homes. It's rare that we have so many duos in the same centre at once, let alone be able to find brilliant forever homes for all of them so quickly! Luckily though, the team have so far managed to find homes for four pairs of dogs.

The breeds the centre have rehomed are:

  • two Huskies
  • two Labradors
  • two Dalmatians
  • a Yorkie and a Border Collie (the odd couple, no?)

It can be hard to rehome two dogs to the same home, so we’re really pleased so many of these friends have been kept together. However, we're hoping to surpass this fantastic feat and be able to find a home for a tremendous fifth – two Boxers called Henry and Tyrell. Here is a video of the gorgeous pair:

They are 7 year old brothers and are inseparable, so will need to be rehomed together. They are looking for a family home and would be suitable living with children over the age of 14 years old.

Henry and Tyrell can be quite shy chaps initially, but do have bags of energy and will be a great addition to any loving home.

For more information on the beautiful boxers, please contact the Darlington centre on 01325 333 114.

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