Friday, 4 November 2011

Doctor Who's K-9 goes walkies at Dogs Trust

Guess who we just caught on camera making his way from the legal department to the HR team? (Don't worry, we weren't giving him his marching orders, just a change of scene after several years in the same room)

Through no fault of his own, K-9's been through quite a few owners, but once he got to Dogs Trust we definitely knew that this dog was for life.

Besides which, he wasn't already microchipped, so tracking down The Doctor might be tricky...


Dale Who. said...

I've been trying to track this wee beastie down everywhere, because his brother - another old exhibition K-9 - wants to meet him and get Dog's Trust some publicity courtesy of some fundraising my K-9 is doing. Who would I need to contact to see if this can be arranged, please?

Dale Who.

Dogs Trust said...

Ooh, that sounds interesting! Drop me a line to and I'll get it to the right people. :)