Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Kennel-warming gifts sought for new Dogs Trust Loughborough centre

Breaking news… there is a form of shopping that is good for you. Well for rescue dogs anyway!

Our supporters often ask us how they can help out our centres, particularly in the run-up to a new centre opening. For Dogs Trust Loughborough we've made it as easy as we can by creating a wish list of every little extra the centre dogs would love!

From dog coats to hairdryers - for the grooming room, not the staff room! – the list contains items of all shapes, sizes and prices to create a welcoming environment for the dogs whilst they await their new homes.

Simply visit www.whatidlove.co.uk and select list number 95084 and shop away!

The centre's Manager, Nikki Smith, says:
“The final countdown is under way until the opening of the Center on June 1st and now we’re calling on people to help us fill it with equipment to keep the dogs happy and healthy before they head off to their new homes. For once the unusual items like Hoovers and freezers are the top of our wish lists!” 
Whether toys or beds, power tools or CD players, the centre team will massively appreciate items of all shapes and sizes. Each and every item on the list will help with the running of the Rehoming Centre, and will help the team rehome hundreds of dogs.

Some of the items on the list include:

  • Flip cameras – to record the dogs and help them find happy new homes   
  • Sail shades to paddocks – To provide the dogs with some shade whilst out enjoying sunny days 
  • Paddling pools for compounds – to create some fun areas for the dogs when outside  
  • Digging pits (soil filled) – giving the dogs a fun area to play    
  • Slow cookers – to help the staff prepare nutritionally balanced meals for the dogs   
  • Picnic tables – to provide outside space for potential new owners to sit and get to know the dogs  
  • A Wendy house – to provide a safe, bright and fun place for the puppies to play 

To be kept up to date directly from the centre follow Dogs Trust Loughborough on Twitter: @DT_Loughborough.

Remember, visit www.whatidlove.co.uk and select list number 95084 to get shopping!

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