Thursday, 3 May 2012

Why Cornwall wins Daniel the Spaniel's Vote

No, nothing to do with the elections today (although it's always a good idea to exercise your right to have a say!), but a subject I think we're all wanting to think about at the moment: holidays! Here Wag! Editor Deana Selby tells us all about a recent family trip to the south west of England, and why Daniel the Spaniel gives it two paws up:

I’m not in the habit of extolling the virtues of most holiday destinations, but the holiday my family and I just spent on the south coast of Cornwall was really worth breaking the habit for.

As the proud owner/parent of a lively dog and two equally lively children, it’s essential that our annual holiday ticks these boxes:  Are the kids welcome?  Is the Spaniel welcome?  Bitter experience has taught me and my husband that holidays very quickly descend into a smog of grumpy mayhem if one or both parties are not welcomed with open arms.

I am delighted to report that Cornwall, specifically the area around Polperro and Fowey, is not only great for children but is terrifically mutt-friendly too.  Never before have we been greeted by smiling faces and offers of a chewy treat and big bowl of water before we’d even entered the cafĂ©;  No sooner had we tied Daniel to the dog hitch outside than the fish and chip shop proprietor came out and insisted that dogs were very definitely welcome in her restaurant;  At the museum, Mr D was welcomed as a long lost friend.

In fact, pretty much everywhere we went people were delighted to see Daniel and had to be politely dissuaded from feeding him yet more treats.  At first we were stunned, then, as the week progressed, we saw more and more signs around Cornwall proclaiming “Dogs welcome”.

The children were thrilled that other grown ups could see that Daniel was part of the family.  Daniel was thrilled that he was actively encouraged to sample delicious Cornish pasties.  (He disapproves of the government’s new pasty tax.)  My husband and I were thrilled that for once, our kids and our dog could enjoy a holiday doing fun things together, instead of being left outside with just a resentful adult for company.

With the post holiday laundry done and the suitcases packed back in the basement, it feels like it’s already time to start planning our next trip.

Cornwall – consider this a warning.

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