Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Dogmobile update - 2012 in review

Some of you might be familiar with our Dogmobile, two mobile units that travel the country, visiting county shows, town centres and supermarkets, showing people what great dogs rescue dogs are.  The bright yellow Dogmobiles contain two comfy kennels for the dogs to lounge in for the day, (whilst looking for that perfect home), plus all sorts of other ‘doggy’ information leaflets and ‘goodies’ are on board.  Cathy, Dogmobile 1 Manager, is here to keep you in the loop about all that is happening in the mobile unit world...


2012: a year in review

Well that’s another exciting year over for the Dogmobile. Didn’t we have fun?

From scorching hot days, to floods, gales, ice and rain… lots of rain… oh, and did I say rain? Yes it’s been a real rollercoaster of weather from start to finish for the Dogmobile. There are however a handful of events that stand out…

  • There was Basingstoke market place at the beginning of the year where our water butts froze during the day, (blimey - that was a cold two days)!
  • Asda West Bridgford where it was SO hot we just HAD to eat loads of ice cream to stay cool (well, that was my excuse anyway)!
  • The Bucks County Show near Aylesbury where we had to be towed out of the showground (AGAIN) by a four wheel drive because the ground had turned into thick chocolate sauce.
  • Then there was Asda Newmains in Scotland when the unit was very nearly blown away in the gales! Talk about having everything thrown at us!

Still, it keeps us on our toes…

Weather aside, we had a great year travelling the country, promoting rehoming.  Here’s a reminder of some of the wonderful dogs we had on the unit looking for homes.

This was Rory a beautiful, friendly, Mastiff X who really did find a home from somebody seeing him at Darlington TC when we visited:

This is Sandy the crossbreed, having a belly rub at a very hot Cheshire Show:

Louis the gorgeous hound at Asda Walsgrave early in the year, and Tiny the Bulldog cross in her magnificent coat at Tesco Middlewich (it was very cold that day!):

We also met quite a few ex-Dogs Trust residents on our travels as well. There was Rags the Lurcher, plus Del and Ted (the Foxhound and Collie). Del and Rags were both rehomed after being seen at the Romsey Show:

There was Biscuit and Cass with their owners at the Otley show, plus Rosie the Lurcher who was rehomed from our new Loughborough centre in July this year with her new pal Fern:

These are just a tiny few of the happy rehomes Dogs Trust has had this year.  Let’s hope it continues and we can help a few more dogs find that happy home they have always dreamed of in 2013.

Hopefully see you soon!

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