Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Meet Dogs Trust West Calder's UNusual Supects (aka the Collie Collective!)

If you look at our website or drop into a centre you'll find that - while individual dogs vary a great deal in personality - some traits are quite common. The majority of the dogs that we rehome are very much indoor pets, for example. Also, working households often find that they need to arrange 'daycare' for their dog in some form or another, be it a paid professional or a keen friend or relative - we even give advice on working out if you have time for a dog.

Some dogs just like to be different, though! As 2013 kicks off, Dogs Trust West Calder finds itself with a collection of Collies that don't fit the mould - and need an equally individual owner to make their dreams of a home of their own come true.

To offer any of these beauties a loving home, please call 01506 873459 or drop in during opening hours.

Shelley: Home Alone

A hugely affectionate girl who loves a good cuddle or game with her carers, 8 year old Border Collie Shelley is also a bit of a comedian who makes funny faces - sticking her tongue out - when you throw a toy!

Shelley can be nervous with strangers and dogs, but she's obedient, and does enjoy a country walk. Some coverage of vet bills is offered (please speak to staff at the centre to find out more). She needs an adult only home, and would prefer to be the only pet.

Distinguishing Feature: Shelley could easily go to a working household as she will happily pass the time with her toys and enjoying her home comforts when left alone.

Cassie: The Great Outdoors

3 year old Collie Cassie loves her walks; she is a very outdoorsy dog.  She is happiest around water - she splashes in it, digs in it and fishes for stones  She would be great fun for someone who loves long walks in the country side.

Cassie is worried by strangers and dogs but is very obedient and keen to learn new behaviours.  She loves when we play with her but is also happy lazing around most of the day. She needs an adult only home and would prefer to be the only pet.

Distinguishing Feature: Cassie would be happy living outside in a cosy den and she's relaxed about being home alone

Rocco: A River Runs Through It

Rocco, a 5 year old Border Collie is affectionate and loves to play - he will play with any toy that moves!  He is worried by strangers and dogs but has slowly been building up his confidence here at the centre and has met a few dogs that accompany him on his walks.  He would enjoy walks in the countryside.

He needs an adult only home and would prefer to be the only pet and can be left at home alone if his owner works or would also be happy with an outdoor kennel.

Distinguishing Feature: Rocco is a full-on water baby. He has a pool in his kennel in the summer and misses it so much in winter he'll head straight for the shallow river on our grounds whenever we let him.

Buster: Home Alone 2 

Buster is a sweet 8 year old Collie who enjoys playing with his toys on his walks.  He has lots of energy and loves nothing better than chasing after his favourite toy ever: a ball. Still, he'll happily play with any toy, given the chance!.

Distinguishing feature: Having tired himself out on his walk, Buster then enjoys a long lie-in at home, so much so that he’d be happy living with owners who worked all day.

Marty: The Ladies Man

2 year old Border Collie Marty is a youngster who bonds strongly with his carers and enjoys long walks in the countryside.  He loves to chase things, so staff have channelled this desire onto games and Marty is delighted when it is play time especially when it is a squeaky toy.

Marty needs an adult only home but would be happy living with another dog or  keeping someone's working dog company.  Marty can also be left at home alone if the owner worked.

Distinguishing feature: Marty prefers the company of women.

Jock: Sleepy Hollow

Jock, a 4 year old Border Collie would get on fine with a working owner, provided he gets lots of time outside. He's worried by strangers and dogs, but is doing very well learning new skills at the centre.

Distinguishing feature: Jock would be happy in a cosy outdoor den; his carer always fills up his kennel with duvets and he loves retreating there at the end of a busy day for a long snooze.

To offer any of these beauties a loving home, please call 01506 873459 or drop in during opening hours!


Anonymous said...

Aww1 What a bunch of cuties. Hope they find a loving home.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful creatures, Sam our Border Collie came from Roden, a wonderful companion and very much part of our family. I hope they all find loving homes.

Nana Kafka said...

What adorable dogs! They are so beautiful!!

I think it's so rewarding to have a dog. :-) Our Jack Russells have been with us for well over a decade now and we just love them to bits!

I hope these wonderful friends find loving homes soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am Charlie's new friend, having chosen him recently, when I joined Dogs Trust. Sadly I shall never be able to meet him as I live in France, but look forward to hearing his news.s

Anonymous said...

Are these collies still looking for a home? We are thinking about adopting one.