Friday, 8 February 2013

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen...

After almost five years at Dogs Trust, our Digital Marketing Officer Alex Goldstein is hanging up her, erm, monitor, and heading off for a new challenge.

It's a very, very strange feeling to think that this time on Monday, I'll be at another desk, on the other side of London, not answering questions about rehoming a dog or how to get help with neutering.

It's been such an extraordinary privilege to be part of the digital team here. Jacqui and Lo have been wonderful as colleagues and even more so as friends. In my time I've seen our Twitter feed go from 20 followers - cue a lot of convincing from me that Twitter was the place to be - to celebrating the first dog we rehomed through a social media appeal (and, for that matter, the second). I set up this blog, and helped it grow. And I'm a little gutted that I'll probably just miss reaching a whopping half a million supporters on Facebook, all joining together for the love of dogs.

In my final weeks here, I've been delighted to get in a Vine or two (as admired by the fabulous Rory Cellan-Jones, below), and privileged to support our Comms and Campaigns teams as we gear up for the three year road to compulsory microchipping.

It has been an absolute pleasure, and I'd like to thank every one, supporters and staff alike, for making it so. I'll miss you. And I will stalk follow you online.

Yes, you.

Alex x

PS You have until 5pm today to apply for a job in the team! Go, go, go!


marley said...

I do wish my pal Alex all da luck in da weld. She was da best pal a tweeting doggie could ave. Woof.

Unknown said...

Oh Marley - I appreciate that more than words can say.