Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sophie (a Junior Canine Carer winner) tells us about her day

You may remember last year we ran our Junior Canine care competition. Sophie Uzzell, aged 11, was one lucky winner, she writes below in her own words (and font!) of her experience of the day!

My day at Dogs Trust by Sophie Uzzel

It was a cold morning when I arrived at the Newbury centre. I was welcomed by Charlotte (Education Officer) and Maureen (Centre Manager) who explained enthusiastically the 'hands on' day that was planned for me. Before it all began I was presented with my competition prize and goody bag.

I was then introduced to Jess, one of the canine carers, and she took me through to the kennels where the new dogs were taken.  I took the dogs dirty bedding to the laundry room while Jess and Charlotte swept and washed the kennel floors.  When the kennels were finished, I made up clean beds for the dogs whilst they played in their run. I then emptied their water bowls and replaced with fresh water. After, I was taken into the food kitchen where I was shown the different foods available for the dogs depending on their needs and I helped to put their food into bowls. Finally, the dogs were let back into their comfy kennels so they could enjoy their food and warm beds, and feel settled. By now it was time for a break with snacks and hot drinks!  

Next it was time for some exercise!  We took two puppy's for a walk in the countryside and then into the field where the agility training takes place, to have a good run about.  After having a breath of fresh air, I was allowed to wash a lovely 10 month old, white, fluffy dog called ‘Doug’ who was a bit muddy!  We began by washing him with some shampoo and then towel dried him before putting him under the dryer, which he absolutely loved.  Doug was jumping around, shaking and being really playing while I was brushing him.

Once Doug was nicely groomed, Charlotte asked me if I would like to make a video with Doug for the website, telling people about the work that Dogs Trust do and to explain about rehoming. Finally, at the end of my visit, I had a tour of the whole of the Newbury centre.

I feel very lucky to have had this experience and Dogs Trust has helped me to decide what I would like to do in the future. It was the best day ever!!! Thank you to everyone at Dogs Trust and the Newbury Centre.

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