Friday, 31 May 2013

Dogs Trust Loughborough's 1st Birthday continued.... Part 2

Continues with: A typical day as East Midlands Education dog, Bailey!

It’s 9:00am and me and my owner, Anthea, are getting ready for another fun filled day of Education Workshops at school.

I love visiting all the children at the primary schools across the East Midlands and I also love meeting the teachers. They always greet me with a big stroke and a bowl of fresh water and sometimes Anthea gets a cup of coffee too!

When I’m finished having my fuss and have had a good a good sniff around, they show me to the classroom where we will be working. Anthea puts down my blanket so I can relax and have a lie down while she’s talking to the children.

Anthea tells the children all about me and how I ended up at Dogs Trust.  She tells them about how she has to take really good care of me and all of the different things that she has to give me to keep me happy. Sometimes the younger children like to have a go at pretending to be me which I find especially funny when they wear the doggy ears! She even shows the children how she has to scoop my poop, which can be a little embarrassing when the children get to have a go themselves! 

When I’m finished napping, sometimes I let the children find my microchip, brush my fur or even listen to my heart but one of my favourite games is when the children teach me a new trick because I just love to show off and they always give me a treat when I do!

When we’re finished teaching the children all about how be responsible dog owners, I know it’s time for the best part! The stroking!

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