Friday, 7 June 2013

Another update from the Dogmobile - 2013

Some of you may be familiar with our Dogmobile, two mobile units that travel the country, visiting county shows, town centres and supermarkets, showing people what great dogs rescue dogs are. The bright yellow Dogmobiles contain two comfy kennels for the dogs to lounge in for the day, (whilst looking for that perfect home), plus all sorts of other ‘doggy’ information leaflets and ‘goodies’ are on board.  Cathy, Dogmobile 1 Manager, is always here to keep you in the loop about all that is happening in the mobile unit world... :)



I can’t quite remember when it was now but it wasn’t that long ago…

I distinctly remember sitting outside the unit at Asda Sittingbourne, Kent, with a beautiful Lurcher called ‘Axel’, we were relaxing and enjoying the lovely warm day. We were even in our short sleeves it was that warm!!


Unfortunately, I haven’t seen much of it since again. In fact it feels like winter today!

We did however manage to nearly get away with a completely dry East Anglian Game Fair this year which was great, It certainly brought the crowds out this year. We had ‘Rebel’ a lovely Greyhound looking for a home. He loved all the fuss he was getting, not letting some people leave as he was leaning on them so much. Talk about ‘pushy’!

East Anglian Game Fair

We’ve also been to a completely new show this year, called the Cowpie Show which was near Dorking, Surrey. I was a bit concerned when I first drove to the show to put the Dogmobile in, as all the roads were literally ‘lanes’ with twists and turns and small bridges to cross. Not the easiest of roads to negotiate in the unit I can tell you! The roads just kept getting smaller and smaller until suddenly I turned into this road and saw a field full of stalls and a fairground being erected. Goodness knows how most of their trucks got there, but there they were!! It was kind of surreal to be one moment driving round these beautiful country lanes, and the next, turning into a field in the middle of nowhere, bustling with activity with trucks, stands being erected, fairground music blaring and lots of people coming and going!

It was a great day though, and for once the sun shone all day until the last half hour, when the heavens opened and cleared the showground pretty swiftly. 

Everybody seemed to have a great day out and I even saw a Police Dog on a Tricycle!! (Not a real one obviously, but the kids didn’t know that). 

If you are planning on visiting any of the shows we are attending this summer, please pack some sunshine in your bags :)

Many thanks

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