Monday, 20 May 2013

SewLomax: 'Poo Bag' Give Away have kindly donated a number of these creative and fun Embroidered Poo Bags in aid of our 'The Big Scoop' campaign.

A cult item among dog owners, the SewLomax drawstring Poo bag is a stylish way to discreetly carry those necessary plastic bags, and even has a helpful clip to attach to one's lead.

Our Campaign:

As the dog population sits at approximately 8 million and is only set to grow so too is the problem with dog mess. For the first time in ten years a rise in dog fouling has been reported* and with 64% of people considering it to be the most offensive litter item, something needs to be done to tackle the problem. As such Dogs Trust and Keep Britain Tidy have teamed up with celebrity campaigner and dog owner Ben Fogle to urge people to not only collect their dog’s mess but dispose of it properly too. 

As a national campaign The Big Scoop will engage with children, councils and park wardens to raise awareness of the importance of responsible dog ownership. Children will be asked to show their support and don specially designed capes transforming them into Scooper Heroes and councils will be supplied with free poo bags and literature on the issue.

 About SewLomax:

My creative imagination has always been a big part of who I am and a place I love to escape to. For me, creating and making is my coming home and I am filled with excitement when I find just the right fabric or catch sight of rows and rows of beautiful wools, silks and cotton. Even discovering an old bobbin or button fills me with butterflies and glee in anticipation at what can be created from these often discarded items.

I was delighted to see a shift away from mass produced items and the return in popularity of craft and everything "home made" and therefore in 2011 SewLomax was born when I decided to mix my passion, experience and skill to create attractive and wittily stitched ethical bags which have been created by me in the UK. Each canvas bag is ethically sourced and is treated with Scotchguard™ to protect from stains, critically it also means you can wipe clean your SewLomax bag.

My selection of bags are not only fun but also stylish, and offer unique and creative ways to organise your day. Each piece in the SewLomax range is lovingly finished by hand which enables the owner to feel that they own something individual and unique. SewLomax products are ageless and timeless and appeal to many genres from the gym goer to the busy city worker! I will be adding new styles regularly to ensure my customers are kept in a buoyant mood!



To get your hands on one of these trendy little poo  bags, just email with your address and the correct response to the below question:

Of the four facts below, which ONE is FALSE?
A) The Great Dane is the tallest dog 
B) The Chihuahua is the smallest dog
C) The German Sheppard originates from Russia
D) The St. Bernard is the heaviest dog

Please send your name address and answer to We will be choosing the lucky winners at 9:00am on Friday 24th of May 2013 and will be replying  to the lucky winners via email.
We'll pick twenty winners at random! 
Good Luck! 

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