Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Do you love Dogs Trust and live near a Sainsbury’s? If so, you could help!

Sainsbury’s is looking for nominations for a local charity for each of their stores.

For the past five years, Sainsbury’s stores have partnered with a local charity. Every May, local communities are encouraged to nominate their favourite charity for this partnership. The one selected becomes the store's Local Charity and is supported over the next 12 months through fundraising and volunteering.  It's a fantastic opportunity! 

There are three ways to nominate Dogs Trust as Local Charity at your local Sainsbury’s:
  • INSTORE:  Just fill out the nomination form at your local store and post it in the store's nomination box.
  • AT HOME: Click here to download a PDF of the nomination form. Print it, fill it out at home and drop it into the nomination box at your local store.
  • ONLINE: You can email your nomination to: local.charity@sainsburys.co.uk. Remember to include the name and address of your local store, the charity's contact details, and the reason you are nominating that charity.
We think we'd be a great fit for this initiative because, in addition to our well known rehoming centres and education programme, we do a lot of community work too. Dogs Trust liaises with local communities to ensure responsible dog ownership is promoted to all.  Our Campaigns Team works closely with local councils to ensure that as many dogs as possible can be microchipped and we provide subsidised neutering in several regions across the UK.  We also work with housing associations and private landlords to allow tenants to keep dogs in their properties.  

Entries are due today, the 14th May.  You can find your nearest centre to nominate on our website, or please use our head office address of 17 Wakley Street, London, EC1V 7RQ.

Thank you for your consideration!

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