Monday, 18 November 2013

A message from Missy the Greyhound!

On the 26th October we posted an appeal on Facebook to find ex racing Greyhound Missy a forever home. We are happy to report that thanks to the likes, shares, and comments - she got exactly that! Missy's new owners would like to keep you updated on Missy's new life :)

Part Three...

To all my friends at The Dogs Trust Newbury,

I am still enjoying life with my new family. They are learning all about me - what I like, what I don't like, how I expect to be treated and so on and their training is progressing very well.

I have also experienced my first Christmas with my very own humans. I have attached a picture of me in my Christmas bandana - you will also note that I have perfected the skill of 'Sofa Utilisation'. What I have learnt about Christmas is - people eat quite a lot. I was allowed to try some goose. I like goose. Much better than boring dog food. I also had a roast potato but the humans don't know about that one, as I kind of helped myself. I got some presents - lots of toys and things like that and we also had to go and stand around a tree in the village whilst they made some strange howling noises for a very long half an hour. The Humans tell me that this was called 'carol singing'. Sounded pretty weird to me, so I busied myself making friends with a couple of other dogs that had gone along. I was not disappointed when it was time to go home so that I could warm my paws in front of my log fire.

You will see how well my 'training of the humans' is progressing - take a look at the rather lovely photo of me fast asleep on the sofa with my toys. Note the empty dog bed next to the sofa! I don't really need that anymore (so I tell them). I'm very happy to sleep on the sofa, and then to crawl into bed with a couple of the humans for the night. They are very nice humans as they have recently moved their bed nearer to my bed so I don't have too far to walk in the night. They tell me that this is not for my convenience, but is because their bedroom is being decorated or something. I choose to believe it is because they love me and they like to wake up to find my wet nose in their face.

I am still enjoying my dates with Jasper and indeed have another date with him this week when we are going to go for a walk in the woods together. It is annoying though as he is allowed off the lead, but I am not. Apparently this is because I sometimes forget my name. I disagree. I always remember my name when a) it is time for something to eat b) when it is time to be given a bonio c) when it is time to go to bed. There are times when they don't say my name clearly enough for me to hear them. This tends to happen a) when they want me to go outside and it is raining and / or cold b) when I would like to speak to the squirrel that is in front of me c) when it is time to get off the bed as they want to get in it. At times like this, I'm simply not sure whether they are speaking to me or another dog. We have found a way of me being able to show how fast I can run though. I take my humans for a walk to a local country house that has some old tennis courts that are all grassed over and have big high fences. I take my humans to these tennis courts and then I run and run and run which I love. Unfortunately the house has now got some new owners so I am going to start a petition to save my tennis courts. You may see me on the News one night, delivering this petition to No 10.

I hope you all are well in Newbury and I am looking forward to coming to see you all when you have your Open Day this year.



Part Two...

Hello Friends, Family and Fans,

I have now lived with my new humans for just over 6 six weeks and in that time I have taught them a lot and trained them well. I am quite liking living with them and have decided that I will allow myself to stay a little while longer.

It has been a busy six weeks. I have met these strange things called horses. My Human-in-Chief has one of these and she takes me up to where he lives so that we can go for walks round the woods and fields. I love it up there as there are rabbits and pheasants everywhere so I dance around on my toes looking really quite beautiful. I have met another greyhound up there called Jasper. He's very handsome. We have had two dates now and he has agreed to a third. We get taken to a field with annoyingly high fences, but we are then allowed to run and run and run in this field. I am much faster than him but sometimes I let him get back to the humans first so that he retains a degree of male pride. I have also got a friend at home, called Waggles. Waggles is a chocolate labrador. I like Waggles as he understands that I am the Chief Dog and he does what he is told - sometimes.

I have discovered that my very long nose is very useful for dipping into mugs and glasses.  I like tea (milk, no sugar) - particularly with a biscuit.   I have discovered that I do not like cider.  Cider is disgusting.  I made the mistake of sticking my nose in a glass of the stuff.  Never again shall I do this. I do like toast.  I like cheese.  I LOVE cakes.  I really enjoy helping with the washing up and I believe that I do a better job than the dishwasher.  I help the dishwasher by doing my best to clean the plates and things before the door gets closed.  The Humans don't seem to appreciate my attempt to help with the washing up which I don't understand.  I do not like hoovering.  I suddenly find lots of jobs that need to be done somewhere else when the hoover comes out.  My Human in Chief says I am not the only one that acts like this in the presence of a hoover.  Apparently some humans make themselves scarce too.  Very sensible in my view.
The main event that has happened is that it was my birthday on Sunday 8th December. I was 8 years old. I have never had a birthday before so I was not sure what to expect or indeed whether I would want one of these things. Having now had a birthday I have decided that I like them. I got a new collar which my Human-in-Chief refers to as my diamond necklace as it is quite sparkly. I have developed a liking for eating shoes which SHE doesn't really like me doing - (spoilsport) - so SHE bought me a shoe of my own to chew and also a funny rabbit thing that squeaks. I love my rabbit thing as I like to make it squeak when THEY are not paying me quite enough attention. I found the chewy shoe a little bit difficult due to not having all my teeth so I may have to focus on human shoes as they are easier to eat. I then had a birthday tea which was my normal food but with some bacon added to it. I like bacon.

I have also worked out how to use the human bed and what to do to ensure maximum comfort (for me). Here is a picture of me on THE bed, with my squeaky rabbit. I haven't quite grasped the concept of beds properly yet, as I have rolled over a couple of times and fallen off. I hope nobody has noticed me do this as it is a bit embarrassing.

Anyway, thank you all for your kind messages after my last note to you all and I hope you have enjoyed this little update!

Part One...

Here's a happy rehome note sent from Missy herself (via her new family!):

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for helping me find my new humans!!

They are proving to be really nice and worthy of me.  After reviewing and assessing them over the last two weeks, I have decided that they are good enough for me, and are treating me as I would expect to be treated.   They have bought some very comfortable beds for me which I like to use.  Over time I am hoping that they will see that it is they who should be using them, and that my rightful place is on something they call a sofa, but I'll work on that one.

They are feeding me very well on some quite tasty dog food.  I have found it necessary to supplement this diet with some additional food and have particularly enjoyed the odd freshly baked cake - I did manage to blame my new Labrador friend (Waggles), with this though! But I was then unfortunately caught with my nose in the biscuit tin - so was not able to talk my way out of that one.

I am finding it interesting learning all about what living in a kennel for humans is all about; stairs (mastered them on Day One); going for walks and having time to sniff the smells and admire the views whilst wearing my new blue fleece jacket with matching lead; or, whilst at home,  watching all the squirrels out of the window.  I am particularly fascinated by something the humans call a Washing Machine.  I've had a good look at it and can't understand what they use it for.  I've sent a photo of me trying to work it out - do you use it to keep rabbits in?  Can I wash my ears in it?  All very confusing so any help or guidance you could give me would be greatly appreciated.   

I've got used to the sound of telephones ringing now, and have managed to stop trying to catch the dogs that are on the television as I'm now too busy toasting my paws in front of the fire after a busy day walking, eating, sleeping and talking to my new humans.  I am learning that it's okay to look at people when they look at me, and they seem to like it when I look at them and wag my tail.  I do that quite a lot as it keeps them happy and that means I get even more cuddles.

Anyway, I will keep in touch and here are some photos of me, very busy, in my new home.   Thank you for everything you did for me whilst I was with you!!



Anonymous said...

You are very lucky Missy. Enjoy the rest of your life. Keep these humans in check. Xx

Unknown said...

Awww bless thats a lovely message glad Missy is happy in a nice home :)

Unknown said...

Aww glad you have found a lovely home Missy :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Missy, so glad you are loving your new home; your beds look lush! that means nice to lie on.Hope you are understanding the washing machine a little more.Lots of love to you and your new human owners, so glad you have found your forever home xxx

Maria said...

She is the spitting image of my Dog Bella. Good Luck Missy, you've found a good home.

mrs. B Chamberlain said...

This is awesome Missy, I am so glad you have found a family who are worthy of the privilege you have bestowed on them by going to live in their kennel. The washing machine is for washing their outer covers as they are not evolved enough to have the capabilities of growing a coat like us dogs. My name is Saskia and I am a cross Whippet/Saluki hound, I live in a human kennel as well and I am very happy there as well. I am only 8 months old and still learning the ropes about living with a human, but I'm sure it will get easier. I'm a bit curious at the moment as my mistress has been talking about something called a Xmas tree. She's worried I might eat it. Me! As if I would!! Bring it on. Woof

Anonymous said...

This is too wonderful! We have Josh (once "No Name" and then Benefit at Snetterton. He is a Border Collie and much loved but is scared of the builder who has been here just as long as him. Stand off's are frequent and the builder doesn't charge for nipped calves! Both really do want to be friends but haven't quite worked out how after 5 months. Maybe the builder's noise? I wish Josh was as eloquent as you. Could you give him any tips? We think Josh is brilliant and we know he has lots of potential, just as you do. X

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Missy is so happy.
Typical Greyhound :-)
Every dog lover should have at least one in their life!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely article from a very clever and articulate dog. Well done Missy and her humans!!

Anonymous said...

Whoever has Missy are very lucky people indeed. I have a big lurcher called Flora from the DT in Ballymena and she is fantastic.