Tuesday, 15 April 2014

'Dog Walking' by Brian Owen

In March, Brian Owen (BPO Songs) contacted us with the very kind offer of giving us the use of his song 'Dog Walking' which is probably already stuck in your head after listening to it just once! It's a lovely song, written and sung from the heart. 

All of the dogs featured in the video we have accompanied Brian's song with are past and present Dogs Trust residents!

We asked Brian if we would mind setting the scene for how 'Dog Walking' came about...

How did the song come about? My wife and I have had dogs since 1988. Originally we had our beloved Pointers, Feargal and then Jacob, and always believed that as pack animals they should be out and about with us all the time. Both dogs were walked (or ran with me) at least 50 miles a week and at least twice a day.  In their lifetime each dog walked (mostly ran!) the equivalent of going round the world! 

After Jacob died we decided to rescue our current dog Muttley who we believe to be a Basenji. Muttley came to us with many problems, not least that he had been locked in a flat for four years since being a pup.  He had never been outside and still had a puppies pink paws.  When we rescued him he was about to be 'put down' and had been inside the cage in which he was kept for 5 months. When we let him out he could not even run properly because his legs were not co-ordinated, he had simply never run in his life.  Although we had many hurdles to overcome, and my wife was a real hero and brilliant with him, we decided that the basis of our strategy should be to walk him as much as we possibly could.  

That was back in 2008, Muttley is now a very well adjusted dog and, in his 'walkies' is about half way round the world. Dog walking not only saved his life, but brings joy to his life and ours every day.
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Thanks for sharing your song Brian, we love it! 

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