Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Dogs Trust Loughborough - Tales from the Dog Suit Part 2

“Yes it’s hot in here!”

Some people have been asking the name of the big yellow dog. It’s ‘Poochie’, yes that’s right Poochie. Not Elvis, or Dave, or even Buster. Where did it come from? Well, I was waiting in line to do the flyball event and the lady shouted from the other end, “What’s your name?” as she had to call me to go and get the ball. (Watch the video below for how flyball works, it sound complicated but collies and lots of other dogs appear to love it!) It really was the first name that popped into my head. Next time I’ll know to have a cool name picked beforehand so that doesn’t happen again!

After I had my reward of a tummy tickle and rosette (yes I got a rosette!!), we were off on a wander again. I definitely needed a bowl of water after my running around.  A quick chance meeting with Meg and Sarah meant I sneaked Sarah’s BBQ burger, she didn’t even notice because I squashed her!
Flyball - thirsty work!
What burger?


All our canine carers love to pose for pics as demonstrated here by Amy, Jemma and Aimee. Strike a pose girls! I then had to work out how long until dinner. What am I saying, I’m a dog, I can’t tell time! When my stomach starts growling, that means it’s time for tea!

Amy, Jemma and Aimee
Dinner time yet?

All this talk of dinner made me sleepy so I sneaked onto the Mobile Rehoming Unit for a quick nap again. It’s busy work being chatty and posing for photos! Mal and Jim are like a comedy duo – Mal calls Jim ‘Grandad’ and they’re always a great laugh.

Cheeky chappies Mal & Jim!

Jim catches me napping!
Then locks me in.

When I manage to escape the clutches of the Stand-Up Pair I run into Nat. She is trying to copy me, but I think my nose looks more true-to-life! I pose amongst the prizes on the tombola stall but I still think anyone would be lucky to win me! 

This is Nat's sad face!
Win me!

Now we’ve discovered I love competitions it’s off to the show-ring to strut my stuff. Sam entered me in the ‘Waggiest Tail’. To be honest I don’t think this played to my strengths as my tail is a bit thin, caused by age I think! Still, I tried to charm the judges Annie and Adrian with my sense of humour and a good ‘Play Dead’. It must have worked because woohoo I got another rosette! My head won’t fit through the kennel door at this rate.

I've given up wagging my tail.
But still got a rosette hurrah!

We couldn’t have a Summer Show without a Poochie selfie! If it’s good enough for the Commonwealth Scotties, it’s good enough for me! Then I tried to get our Maintenance Operative Pete to let me drive the tractor but he stated Health & Safety doesn’t allow dogs to drive tractors. Boo! 
Pete wouldn't let a dog drive the tractor.

Poochie Sam selfie!

The best part of a Dogs Trust Summer Show is getting to meet dogs who have been rehomed from our centres again and hearing how they are doing in their new homes. Though this was the first time I was dressed as a large toy which Marlon enjoyed! It was a love nibble honestly!

Marlon thought I was a giant toy!

The star of the adopted – Tootle!! We were all so happy to see him doing well. A really sociable boy, he just wanted to be with people all the time when he was in the centre. Our centre manager Nikki loved him as he reminded her of her own Loughborough pup, Mork.

I recognise that voice...
Are you in there?

Look at this face!!

For all my worries: the heat, fear of making children cry, and not being able to see in front of me, I had an absolute ball. I was able to do things I normally wouldn’t be able to, and it was such a laugh! I’ve already sorted my job for next year’s Summer Show, if you see the big yellow dog, come up and say hello!



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