Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Dogs Trust Loughborough: Luna's Video Blog

Luna is a 2 year old Alaskan malamute that currently lives here at our Loughborough centre. She is currently looking for an active home who will give her the mental and physical stimulation she needs. Ideally she will live in a home that will work her either canie x or cart pulling to give her the right amount of exercise.

The reason we have done a video blog for Luna is to show the work we have been doing with her to help improve her welfare also work on a few of her flaws. The video blog is focusing on teaching Luna a trick routine, this may seem to only be teaching her just a few ‘cute’ tricks but by learning new things in a fun positive way she gets a lot of mental stimulation which helps relieve her stress levels.

Week one is just practicing moves she already knows and getting her used to training in an inside environment. In week one I also show some of the training I have been doing with her at the vets as she does not like anyone touching her if she does not know them, this is so I can check her eyes, ears, nose, mouth and paws for the vets with no complications. Thank you for watching, keep checking back for week 2.

Luna’s Video Blog Week 2
This week Luna enjoyed her lovely offsite adventure to the iconic Beacon Hill maze which she really enjoyed. In the training barn I have started linking some moves together that could be used in the final routine. In the video I also demonstrated the training that she has been going through to help her remain calm and easy to groom as she needs daily grooming. It is all positive reinforcement based and I give her a treat on regular intervals when she remains calm, if she wants to get up and sniff around I allow her to until she is ready to continue. 

Luna's Video Blog Week 3

In this week’s blog we give Luna her feed in a bag attached to a rope being dragged along the ground so she has to chase her food to get her dinner, this is just one of many idea’s that we have came up with to provide enrichment here at Loughborough. Enrichment is a part of daily routine with all the dogs here at dogs trust Loughborough and it helps to keep the dogs mind and body active. This week I had been working on a new trick for her to learn which she was doing really well at so there is a short clip to show her progression with this trick. I did some more or her trick’s routine outside where there are more distractions before moving indoors to Link a few more moves together so I could work out a routine to go through with her.

Luna's Video Blog Week 4

Unfortunately this is the final week of the video blog but I will update the blog on a regular basis showing off her new tricks and progression. In this week there is another new move I have been working on which is a synchronised roll over also there are clips of her softer more loving side. The final routine is shown also but I will be working to do another more impressive routine with her. 

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