Friday, 6 June 2008

Dogs Trust fundraising: can you lend your support to our fans?

Recently I've been reading our social networking sites and forum with a big smile on my face. Why? Because many supporters have come forward with a range of creative ways that they've decided to support Dogs Trust (and for a variety of reasons). Here are just some of the events going on over the next few months to give you some inspiration if you were stuck for ideas:

Adele's eBay Pet Portrait Auctions (end 09 June 08): Adele contacted us about publicising her auction on our Facebook page, and we're very glad she did. Guaranteed by Mission Fish, 10% of the proceeds from the auction for these portraits goes straight to Dogs Trust, so the more you bid, the more you raise. It's much appreciated, Adele.

Auction 1: 10" x 14" portrait from photo
Auction 2: 12" x 16" portrait from photo

David's Northern Rock Cyclone Event (14 June 08): DoggySnaps regular David McGarry must be in the last stages of training now as there are just eight days to go before he straps on his trainers and cycles 31 miles in aid of Dogs Trust. Phew! You can sponsor him here. Thanks, David.

Stacy's Great Scottish Run (07 Sept 08):
On our bebo page, Stacy told us about the 10km run she is fervently training for in memory of her best friend who was a committed supporter of Dogs Trust. You can sponsor her here. Good luck Stacy!

Keep Bilbo on the Beach Facebook Group: A group set up for a very different doggy cause has been urging its members to make donations to Dogs Trust in order to show their support for dogs in general. This is very generous and we're most grateful.

We're incredibly grateful to every single supporter who has made a donation, carried out a fundraising event, sponsored or adopted a dog or just spread the word. It all counts and the dogs in our care are very glad you did what you could to help them.

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