Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Proof that microchipping pets works: dog reunited with owners within 24 hours!

When a group of students found an adorable Collie cross wandering around Leeds' Hyde Park on her own, they took note of the Dogs Trust collar around her neck and called us. John, the Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Leeds collected her and, knowing we microchip every dog in our care, scanned her for a microchip.

Amelia, as the dog's name turned out to be, had indeed been adopted from us by a Mrs. Swallow, though in Snetterton, not Leeds! Mrs. Swallow's son had set off to visit his brother in Leeds with Amelia, who escaped from the student house and promptly got lost.

The next morning, when the centre managed to track down Mrs. Swallow, she was already in Leeds frantically searching for the beloved family pet. Thanks to a microchip and the fact that Mrs. Swallow kept the details updated, Amelia was reunited with her overjoyed and relieved family just one day after first going missing.

A great story to celebrate National Microchipping Month, don't you think?
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