Friday, 23 July 2010

Of lurchers and men

Dennis, one of our stunning models.

You guys have met Deana before, remember? She's the proud owner of the ADORABLE spaniel, Daniel, and she is the editor of our Wag! magazine. Wag! is our supporter magazine and it's full of pictures and doggie news so you know how your support is helping us take care of dogs.

Well, Deana has seen a photoshoot or two in her day and thought she'd share with you some video... enjoy!


Reuben the Lurcher is such a pro when it comes to modelling that he can barely be bothered to get out of bed in the morning for less than 10 gravy bones.

Seen here posing professionally for Wag!, Reuben soon lets owner Wendy and ace photographer Andy know who’s really the star of the show. Watch how Wendy feeds him roast chicken while he reclines on his sofa, then see how Reuben regally smiles to camera while Wendy waves sausages above Andy’s head.

Watching from the sidelines is Ludo, Reuben’s constant companion. Wendy and partner Simon rehomed both the elegant chaps from our Evesham and Harefield rehoming centres. Reuben and Ludo are poster boys for rehoming laidback, lazy Lurchers.


Another day, another exotic location. I’m in Northamptonshire with Dennis, a sort of dog/horse crossbreed. Dennis is the kind of dog who looks as if he were created in the Jim Henson creature workshop. If there’s a dog in the world with more expressive eyebrows I’ve yet to see it.

Owned by Paul, Dennis is very happy to lie under a duvet while pretending to be scared of fireworks, and even to hide inside a child’s wendy house. Paul is watching Dennis’s waistline so very few treats were used on this shoot, although he was rewarded with tiny pieces of a well known sausage-esque snack food.

We worked with freelance photographer Andy Catterall, who has snapped his way through many a Wag photoshoot, and believes that his best work is achieved when someone puts smelly sausages very close to his hair. You’ll be able to see the results in the autumn issue of Wag, to be published in October.

If you're interested in getting Wag! magazine, you can request one online. There are three issues of Wag! a year.

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juliebee said...

Fantastic footage. Those dogs are so well behaved - I've yet to photograph a dog that'll sit nicely and pose like those two! I can't wait to see Andy's pictures :)