Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Pet rental companies begin to feel threat of ban

The Massachusetts House dealt a welcome blow to the dog rental trade today, by passing the Act Prohibiting the Renting of Pets. Should the act be approved by the Senate (as anticipated), Massachusetts will be the first state to ban the industry.

Not only will this directly affect Flexpetz, a company which has recently - controversially - started plying this cruel trade in the UK, it will set an important precedent for other US states and, hopefully, the UK.

The act came about largely through the work of the Coalition to Prohibit the Renting of Pets, with the support of many local, national and international organisations, including Dogs Trust.

Our CEO, Clarissa Baldwin, commented:
"Today's news is fantastic. We now need the UK to follow this sound reasoning and prohibit the dog rental trade. Dogs Trust and many other animal welfare charities work hard to promote the respect for animals that is so undermined by businesses like Flexpetz.

"Dogs are complex social animals that need stability, routine and a loving family. Compromising these needs for profit is unacceptable and UK law should take steps to reflect this."
Amen to that...

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