Monday, 18 August 2008

Meet Dogs Trust's Dogs: Buster Boy aka BB

Sometimes the humans at Dogs Trust HQ get a little lonely without their dogs - and who can blame them? Us four-legged creatures are the best, after all. As such we've decided that we ought to get just as much press as the two-legged folk, and you can't be said to have 'met' Dogs Trust if you haven't met us...

Name: Buster Boy, but my friends call me BB

Breed: Lurcher cross

Colour: Tan and white

Age: I think I'm about 12. I was a stray, so no-one knows for sure.

Who's your favourite two-legged friend at Dogs Trust? My mum of course! She's called Jo and that's her giving me a cuddle.

Who's your favourite four-legged friend at Dogs Trust? My best friend is Charlie, a terrier who is also in the office. We go for walks together every lunchtime. Outside work I'm a bit of ladies man; lady dogs find me irresistible, but my favourite girlfriend is Bess, who's a Lurcher like me.

What's your favourite toy? I love anything with a squeak, especially my squeaky sheep. You know I'm really happy when I start throwing it around!

What's your favourite treat? Sausage. Mmmmm.

What do you dream about? Chasing squirrels! Mum says I run and woof to myself in my sleep, so you you know when I'm dreaming.

Where's the best place to take a walk? In London, I like walking by the canal as there are always squirrels to chase.

What are you favourite activities? Showing off how fast I can run, barking at the postman to make him jump, playing in the garden, sleeping and getting my humans to scratch my tummy and ears.
What's the one thing you can't stand? Being left alone. I suffer from chronic separation anxiety, which is one of the reasons I love coming to work with my friends.

What do your humans like best about you? They love my cuddles, my gentleness and that I'm always smiling.

How did you meet your humans? They found me at Dogs Trust Snetterton.

Meet Dogs Trust's Dogs is our new weekly Monday feature - check back next week for more!

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