Friday, 12 September 2008

Dog of the Week: Theo @ Dogs Trust Newbury

Introducing... Theo!

Breed: Hound Type Crossbreed

Age: 8

Likes: I absolutely love fetch and ball games. I am quite strong as well, so I am generally better off with adults than children.

Dislikes: Chaos. I need a calm home. I can get possessive about my food, sometimes too.

Needs: I'd love a quiet home with people who can continue training and making a fuss of me the way they do at the Rehoming Centre.

Contact: Call Dogs Trust Newbury on 01488 658391 or visit Newbury's online gallery.

Theo is a ‘Sticky Dog’ which means he has been at the Rehoming Centre for over six months and is still looking for a loving new family. Sometimes dogs become sticky because they don’t like being in a kennel environment and don’t show themselves off well even though they’re fine outside. Some are sticky purely because of their looks as they are not particularly ‘pretty’ and some require a very specific kind of home.

Dogs Trust cares for such dogs for as long as it takes to find that special home. We never put a healthy dog down.

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