Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dogs Trust Dublin takes shape ready for autumn launch

Excitement around our brand new Dublin centre is mounting as the centre buildings are finally recognisable! The interiors are taking shape, too, as with the kennel block photo above. We have glass doors these days because they are less stressful to the dog and they're at an angle so that visitors can see better and the dogs don't get stressed staring at each other!

You can see more photos on the website. For general information and updates about Dublin, visit


Dog Community said...

I really like that thier at an angle so that the dogs dont get stressed. Its good to see that thier taken into consideration to that level.

Dogs Trust said...

Thanks for commenting! We learn from every centre we build, and take what we've found out into the next project, be it building a completely new centre or adding a new wing to an older one. Anything we can do to calm the dogs is not only good for their welfare, which is of paramount importance, but helps them find homes faster as they're happier dealing with visitors to the centre.

It'll be interesting to see what we learn from Dublin to put into practise in the future. :)