Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Meet Dogs Trust: Laurier 'Lo' Nicas

It seems that it is time for my official introduction! I started work on September 1st as the new member of the digital team here and I won’t lie to you, I love it. One month in has reaffirmed what I already knew great people, great job, great cause.

Name: Laurier Nicas (let’s face it, that’s a mouthful. Feel free to just call me Lo)

Location: Dogs Trust HQ, London

Job: Digital Marketing Assistant

You what...? I work with fellow digi-nerds, Jacqui Darlow and Alex Goldstein on all the web fun! My main duties at the moment include working on the new, highly anticipated site and using my crafty design background to jazz everything up a bit. I’m very excited to delve into more of the social networking soon.

Best thing about my job: Playing. I get to fiddle around in Photoshop, experiment on Twitter, and just jostle things up a bit. Coming in with a digital PR background and a communication/design education, I like to think I have a fresh outlook on the whole shebang! Plus working with Jacqui and Alex isn't half bad... ;)

Pets: I wish. Flatmates say no. Landlord says no. Some day soon, I hope (and as I am moving in with my boyfriend in January, this might happen sooner than he thinks).

Favourite websites: Not including the good old standbys, Google and BBC News, lately I have been reading many light-hearted and humorous blogs such as Awkward Family Photos, Not Always Right, and Scanwiches. These blogs keep things amusing and fun while I test my brain power with mental_floss and get emotional with PostSecret.

What I'm reading now: I am currently on page 425 of The Time Traveler’s Wife. I cannot put it down. Less than 100 pages to go and I’m dreading that feeling of loss that occurs when a good book ends.

Weekend plans: First, I'll Skype with my parents in the States it is a weekly tradition! Then both the flatmates are away, so I think I will secretly tidy the entire flat. It’ll be a lovely surprise when they come back. This is not entirely selfless though, as there is nothing quite like blasting the radio in an empty house while you vacuum. I think I'll pull some Risky Business moves...

It was great to introduce myself to you the first of many, I hope! Feel free to catch my daily ramblings on Twitter. I'm not nearly as amusing as I think I am, but you could humour me...

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