Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Lord Mayor's Show 2009: Windy and wet, but fun!

I was delighted to volunteer to walk in the Lord Mayor's Show for a second time... until I saw the weather forecast! It really was as cold, wet and windy as it's ever been for the show (to the point that the fireworks had to be cancelled) but it's hard to have anything but a smile on your face when you're accompanied by a bunch of friendly, happy dogs showing off their best sides in search of a home.

The three featured in the video below aren't the only ones, but they were among the few willing to sit still(ish!) for the camera! Apologies for the dodgy sound quality that was due to the strong winds, but all the relevant information is on the slides. And yes, that is me in the last segment, looking seriously classy in my Waggy Walks hat, I think... ahem.

I completely fell in love with Apple and had to remind myself about a hundred times that it wasn't the right time to get a dog. But really, how many times can you be expected to resist being licked on the chin by a Jack Russell pup?! She walked beautifully, often nudging at Education Officer Natalie's beautiful Patterdale Terriers who came along for the walk. Other dogs needing homes included the most fabulously placid Corgi cross, Rex, and a fantastically exuberant - and stunningly beautiful - German Shepherd x Dobermann pup who really wanted to get to know everyone.

Despite our numb fingers - warmed somewhat during the lunch break by the hot chocolates our Communications Director Charlotte managed to snaffle from somewhere, to our immense gratitude! - we did all have a lovely time, and the kind folks from The Cook & The Butler made our dogs very happy with the odd helping of sausage from their delicious-smelling barbecue float.

Now I just have to dry out in time for next year November...

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